Old Friends

Here’s a shout out to Katie Andraski and her quiet husband Bruce, two old friends of ours, me and Karen, who we’ve never actually yet met . . . except in cyberspace.

You can meet Katie and Bruce in cyberspace too if you want to at Katie’s blog, Katie Andraski .

Katie and Bruce sent me this good book for my birthday last month that I’m reading now and have been blogging about this past week.

I kind of hinted that it would make a nice birthday present after Katie had recommended it to me while we were texting about a post that I’d written about Martin Luther King, Jr., and my old law school classmate Joe Rogers.

I’m so glad that good friends can take a hint!

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  1. This was one of my favorite conversations in cyberspace . . . ever. https://katieandraski.com/a-new-years-meditation-wnij-perspective/?cookie-state-change=1675950562565
    Be sure to click the links for The Doors’ “Break On Through (To The Other Side) or just click here. Dig it. https://youtu.be/NFeUko-lQHg

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