New Old Music

A fellow blogger (who is more accomplished than I will ever be and who is also married to a beautiful bride named Karen just like I am) wrote something yesterday that inspired my post this morning with the late Keith Green’s song, “I Want To Be More Like Jesus.”

My friend claims to be an agnostic, if not actually an atheist, but I don’t believe him. My friend cares too much about people and treats people with such gentle courtesy. My friend’s Karen is like mine, a loving woman who trusts in her Jesus like a child, the way we all have to do if we want to know Him.

If he’s not there yet, I’d say that my friend is not far from The Kingdom of God and the God of The Kingdom.

My friend read my post this morning and listened to Keith Green’s beautiful prayer song and then he returned the favor to me by recommending a friend of his whose also beautiful songs about the King and His Kingdom I’d never heard before and now absolutely LOVE!

All I can say to my fellow blogger friend is, “Thank you, Bro! I love you, Man!”

You can read some of “Dr. John” at his blog, “Aging Capriciously.” The Tale of a Little Nine Year Old Girl Who Deserves to be Remembered ‹ Aging Capriciously ‹ Reader —

And here’s one more song by a friend of a friend of a Friend.

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  1. Dr. John Persico Jr. Avatar
    Dr. John Persico Jr.

    Thanks Majik, for the thoughtful and kind words. I only hope to live as good a life as a good Christian would. If there is a heaven, so be it. Maybe they will let me in. 🙂

  2. I’ll put in a good word for you, Bro . . . BEFORE we reach them Pearly Gates!

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