“He Gets Us”

Our friend Lori Roeleveld wrote in her blog yesterday that the “He gets us.” campaign that was showcased in two ads during last Sunday’s Super Bowl will now require the people who my possibly imaginary Friend has already got to get up off our indolent arses and get moving to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus in order to help and lead lost men, women, boys, girls, and the everyone in between to Him, the ONLY One True Lover Of Our Souls!

Lori didn’t say it the way I just did. She’s too polite . . . but that was her gist if I read her post correctly, but here, you can read Lori’s words yourself.


I wrote in a comment to Lori’s post the following:

I love the “He gets us.” campaign, and I praise our Lord for it. It reminds me of the “I found it!” campaign of the 1970s that I mocked as a smug dissolute sinner until Jesus mocked me with the love of kind and beautiful men and women who told me and also showed me the Gospel and led me to The King and right into His Kingdom!

And I agree with you, Lori, that it’s up to us who believe in this Jesus who gets us to now become His Hands and Feet to help and lead those who are not yet His to Him like humble and beautiful men and women once helped and led us who now are His to Him. https://thehappynarcissist.com/2022/05/22/intermission-i-found-it/

Yeah, He gets us . . . but do we get Him?

The surprising but unsurprising criticism of the “He gets us.” campaign by some fellow Christians reminds me of the surprising but unsurprising criticism of the now worldwide, successful television series “The Chosen” by the same group of negative nitpickers to which I say, “Hey, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, if YOU can come up with something better, then please stop carping and JUST DO IT!”

OK that’s Nike and not Jesus, but may I remind us all that Jesus Christ is bigger than Nike and infinitely more worthy for all of us to DO . . . that is unless one really wants to be miserable . . . forever!

C’mon, Brothers and Sisters, JUST DO IT! Tell somebody about Jesus Christ while you feed them, clothe them, visit them in prison, heal their wounds . . . you know, do anything and everything that comes to mind when you ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?”

“WWJD” Remember?

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  1. I’ve always loved the expression, “If you want to walk on water . . .
    you have to get OUT of the boat!”

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