Extended Family

Meet our “adopted” son, Bill, and his beautiful bride, Gayane, or “Gaya” for those of us who aren’t Armenian. Bill and Gaya and their son, Armen, live in Tucson, Arizona, and they all three visited us this Presidents’ Day Weekend.

And this is Armen, named after his wild Armenian homeland.

Armen loves all things mechanical like cars and trucks and trains and, especially, the movie, “Cars, that has all three!

Here’s Armen showing our now forty-year-old son, John, the big truck “Mack” from “Cars,” which movie and big truck John knew and loved too as a teenager when he saw the movie for the first time and later took his nephew and niece to see it during later re-releases of the Disney classic.

And here’s me and Bill and Armen posing for a “Grandpa” selfie in front of the “Ocean-To-Ocean” bridge in Yuma, Arizona, where our family lives.

Armen found the other thing that he loves as much as cars, trucks, and trains . . . dirt, mud, and holes!

Here’s my “Grandpa” selfie of a father taking picture of his son digging a hole.

Perfect picture of contentment.

“C’mon, Armen, let’s go see the Look Out over the river that “Grandpa” told us about that’s just a little bit further up the trail,” called Bill.

“Sorry, Guys . . . I gotta dig some sort of hole,” answered Armen.

“May God bless and keep you always . . . “

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