Post-Presidents’ Day

A good friend sent me this photo of some stickers that he’d made or purchased yesterday that coincidentally was Presidents’ Day, a national holiday here in these dis-United States of America

I usually eschew mixing politics and/or religion in my posts here on The Happy Narcissist. God only knows that my writing about my possibly imaginary Friend, Jesus Christ, has lost me enough formerly good friends.

But today I guess I kind of feel like lighting up a smoke and tossing my lit match into the ocean of gasoline under the bridge we’re all crossing just now from this world to the next.

So this morning, I texted back my friend the following reply to his earnest question, “So have you seen my stickers yet?”

Yes. I have mixed post Presidents’ Day emotions, pun fully intended.

I held my nose and voted for D. T. twice, but I’m also grateful that Mike Pence did his constitutional duty on January 6, 2021, or at least what any God-fearing reasonable person would think what was best for our beleaguered country, and I also agree with what an evangelical pastor blogger said, “We evangelical Christians lost our virginity to Donald Trump.”

Now I just feel like a political slut.

I want to return to the peace and love of my youth, which likely is only a figment of my once drug-addled imagination . . . but it’s still a good thing to imagine, I think.

And if you thought that I’m going to end this post with some John Lennon . . .

I imagine that you’d be mistaken.

I’m much too real for that.

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  1. Then again . . . another friend sent me this catchy number!

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